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What is the Campus?

Selflessness, desire to share, to put yourself out there, to get to know different cultures and the love for the children: all of these are the key values that lead one to live the experience of the Francesca Rava Foundation-N.P.H. Italia Onlus campuses in the Latin American NPH Homes where thousands of kids live as a huge family.

The experience consists of a 2-week stay in one of the NPH Homes. During their stay, the participants  help with the House administration (i.e. helping in the kitchen, garden, carpentry, maintenance) and participate in various animation activities (i.e. dancing, painting, acting, singing, playing sports, language courses).

It’s a smart way to spend time during summer, Easter or Christmas. It allows you to help others even though you don’t have enough time over the year, to offer your energy to kids living in the Homes and to give concrete help through little and easy tasks. But most importantly, it allows you to learn about yourself and the culture of the country you’re visiting. It’s an experience that opens minds and hearts, and also leads to the understanding of a reality that is very different from your own.

A typical day in the NPH Campuses (Haiti excluded)

7.30 am breakfast

8.30/12.00 am work in the House (ex. kitchen, bakery, garden, painting, maintenance, etc…)

12.30/13 pm lunch with children in the little houses or in the canteen

14.30/17.30 pm animation activities with children

20.00 pm dinner

After dinner- sharing of the daily experience between participants and chaperons.


Special Activities

There are some planned excursions to get to know the surrounding territory, the reality and the culture of the country. We have groups of pequeños as guides (if the condition of the country allows it). There’s also the possibility to participate in the pequeños’ service work in facilities linked with N.P.H. (ex. prisons, nursing homes, slums). There are also parties organized for the children of the N.P.H. Homes (making pizza, bonfires, cinemas).


A typical day in Haiti camps

Because of the unstable safety conditions in Haiti, participants have to follow the rules and recommendations given by the Foundation. «The safety situation is precarious and unpredictable; there are frequent violent crimes. Political and social tensions can turn in violent demonstration at any time.» (Fonte Farnesina)

7.00 am Mass by Father Rick (optional at the St. Damien Hospital chapel)

9/12.30 am activities with children at the hospital and/or help with projects

13.00 pm lunch at Villa Francesca Hotel

14.30/17.00 pm activities with the children of the Baby House, of Kay St. Simon and the Don Bosco kids

Return to Villa Francesca, rest and then dinner

After dinner there are moments of relax and sharing.


Special activities

The participants spend 3 or 4 days in the Kenscoff NPH Homes. If the safety conditions allow it, there are volunteering activities in the Cité Soleil slum as part of the Fors Lakay project. Moments of sharing and storytelling with pequeños. Parties for the children of the NPH Home organized by the participants (making pizza, bonfires, cinemas, etc…).