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Why we believe in our Camps

“Visiting NPH Homes and getting to meet the kids is a huge privilege and that’s why, through the Francesca Rava Foundation International Camps, we wanted to give donors and participants the possibility to go on the front line together with the Foundation, to work with the NPH staff, to stay with the kids and to share with them pain, suffering but also hope. We give what we can, we work humbly and joyfully, we come back enriched with love and the values that people in NPH countries teach us.”

Mariavittoria Rava, President of the Francesca Rava Foundation- N.P.H. Italia Onlus

We believe in the Camps because:

  • They enable who participates to become part of the big N.P.H Family;
  • They are an opportunity to make friends and  strong ties;
  • They destroy misjudgments and help one become a citizen of the world;
  • They make pequeños learn from the sharing of love and the enthusiasm of volunteers;
  • They teach pequeños that there are people who travel the world and spend their spare time dedicating to them;
  • They educate participants to universal values of N.P.H.;
  • They make one live live strong emotions which teach to give, receive and find the true meaning of life;
  • They enables participants to become ambassador of the N.P.H. mission  (through stories, distance adoptions, the participation of the Foundation events).