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Informative meetings, courses

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Training meetings

For the campus participants we arrange mandatory training meetings aimed to:

  • talk about the N.P.H. hmes, values and rules;
  • talk about the country (political situation, traditions, culture) where the campus takes place;
  • explain the activities and trips during the campus;
  • describe the projects helping children and the N.P.H. home where the participants will work, how to raise funds and how to communicate becoming ambassadors;
  • mutual knowledge of the campus participants and group leaders;
  • clarify what it means to participate: break down prejudices to become world citizens; organize the activities to do during the campus: tell us your talents;
  • provide practical information: what to pack, local currency and recommended amount of money for extra expenses and so on; answer to doubts and questions.

After the Campus a meeting will be organized to share pictures, experiences and emotions with friends and relatives.