“Living some days in a reality that is so different from ours made me initially think, selfishly, of wanting to go home immediately, to a much more peaceful life and certainly a lot easier, and perhaps to stop thinking that what we saw there could have really existed.

We lived their everyday lives for a few days with the aim of making a children smile, who saw in us the best moment of their day, but also to become aware of the reality of the country and to be able to help more consciously from Italy .

Relieving fatigue and participating in the pain of others is the most difficult thing that can be done, but it is also the thing that allowed me to feel alive. A mix of strong emotions that overwhelm you every day, so much that when you return home you understand how each gesture, every action performed there, has a different and stronger value.

Participating in an environment like this allows you to experience not only every difficult moment but also every moment of happiness much more intensely, because it teaches you to take the beauty from every little thing.

Haiti will always stay in my heart: it was a great discovery, a great travel and also a privilege. I realized that I would like to help as much as I can in the future.”