Gaia, 17 years old

1 month ago

“I recommend this experience to everyone as it has the power to completely change your life.
It’s hard to explain the overwhelmingly beautiful feeling that children and staff at N.P.H. transmit.
They teach you the value of life, they show you that little things are also essentials. They show the true meaning of the word LOVE, they give you their heart and soul. It is the best feeling ever.
Coming back to Italy I miss that place. Tears still fall down while looking at a simple picture, listening to a Spanish song or simply writing to the local teenagers, who send pictures of the younger children and messages like “we miss you a lot, come back soon”.
I met people that will forever hold a place in my heart. Wonderful people who smile through though times.
It’s also beautiful to see how children who have nothing besides N.P.H. are willing to share everything both with volunteers and, most importantly, with each other.
Over there “This is mine” or “This is yours” don’t exist, sharing is the fundamental value and we should all learn from them!
During this experience you will never be homesick, you will instantly think of N.P.H. as your real home!
It’s the first time that, coming back after a trip abroad, I ran to hug my mom at the airport with tears streaming down my face  

I suggest that everyone experience the N.P.H. Sant’Ana house in Santo Domingo, as you will understand the real meaning of life there!”

- Gaia, 17 years old