Maura from Milan

1 week ago

“I’m back to my usual life and I’m still thinking about the last few weeks and all the unforgettable experiences I had the chance to live.
I painted and, like when I was a child, marker traces stained my fingers.
I jumped rope, built a paper track, played with toy cars, made colorful necklaces and bracelets.
I walked in the woods blindfolded, completely trusting the guidance of a new friend.
I kept a pebble as if it were one of the most precious things I had.
I blew up balloons and cheered for my team.
I was enthusiastic.
I laughed and I cried for no reason.
Sometimes I was happy, sometimes I was sad.
I cooked for 550 people, and I saw children’s’ eyes light up while eating the pizza we cooked.
I learned that “pepperoni” is a spicy salami, and that at first sight “carambola” wine looks like fruit juice.
I cleaned the bunnies’ house and raked grass.
I took a freezing cold shower.
I warmed up in front of a bonfire.
I danced all night, skipping like a kangaroo.
I told fairytales.
I had coffee with grandma Norma while listening to her life story.
I spent nights lying on a hammock watching the sky and, in the dark, made wishes looking at the shooting stars.
Sometimes I felt the groups’ enormous power and strength, other times I felt extremely alone.
I rediscovered the overwhelming feeling of being just my name, without a past to defend, a future to build, with nothing to demonstrate.
I shared secrets with strangers.
I’ve learned the importance of having loving and caring parents that support you no matter what, and realized that this is a privilege.
I learned the importance of having a childhood and that “the hunger for Love is much harder to get rid of than the hunger for bread” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta). That kind words shouldn’t be underestimated. – and wow! people that have a kind thought for everybody are beautiful. I really appreciate people who try to comprehend instead of misjudge, who try to understand others, knowing that everyone has a different story.
I’ve found that there still are lots of generous people that make the world a better place.
I’ve learned that it is important to “transmit knowledge, but it’s even more important to awaken the spirit to human qualities like kindness, compassion, forgiveness and spirit of collaboration ” (Dalai Lama).
I’ve learned the power of love: it bonds people, builds bridges, heals wounds, gives happiness and hope. – Love is life, don’t keep it to yourself, use it in words, thoughts, gestures –
I’ve learned that what you contribute to others’ lives fulfils your own, and I want to live my life spreading love.

I thank Francesca Rava Foundation-NPH Italia Onlus because without you this wouldn’t be possible.”

- Maura from Milan