Volunteering with N.P.H.

Non-specialized year-long volunteering program  

N.P.H has been helping children since 1954 thanks to the tireless work of volunteers from around the world whose common values are unconditional love and responsibility.

The Foundation offers the possibility to participate in a long-term international volunteering program. The volunteers work together to help local staff working in one of N.P.H.’s homes, living with the children. The required volunteering period is of a minimum of 13 months to give each volunteer time to acclimate, to familiarize with the structure, with the people who work there, and especially with he children. In case of specialized experts in the medical field we can consider a medium/long term volunteering period.

Specialized short-term volunteering program

It is fundamental to N.P.H. to have the help of highly specialized volunteers such as doctors, nurses, architects, engineers and workers who are able to teach their trade to local staff (i.e. bakers, mechanics, etc). In the case of such highly specialized volunteers a short-term volunteering period is allowed.

An application process is required for the admission to this specific program.  For more info: volontari@nph-italia.org.