Who we are

Fondazione Francesca Rava – N.P.H. ITALIA Onlus

Who we are

The Francesca Rava Foundation helps children in need in Italy and worldwide with sponsorship programs, volunteering, projects and activities to raise awareness on children’s’ rights.

The Francesca Rava Foundation is the Italian representative of N.P.H. – Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, an International Humanitarian Organization that has been helping orphaned and abandoned children for over 60 years with the creation of homes and hospitals in 9 Latin American countries: Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Peru and Bolivia.

The Foundation is also the Italian representative of the St. Luc Foundation of Haiti.

In the N.P.H. Homes, children “pequeños” receive medical care, a healthy nutrition, the best education to ensure the growth of their abilities and their aspirations but, mostly, they receive unconditional love and safety. This, combined with the values of work, responsibility and sharing, helps them become peaceful, independent and responsible adults, breaking once and for all the cycle of poverty in their own countries.

N.P.H. Camps

“Let's give a hand by holding hands”

What is the Campus?

Selflessness, desire to share, to put yourself out there, to...
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To whom we address

Anyone can join the camp: University students High school students...
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The values

In the N.P.H. Homes, the pequeños receive medical assistance and...
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Why we believe in our Camps

“Visiting NPH Homes and getting to meet the kids is...
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Group leader

The N.P.H. camps are always accompanied by a minimum of...
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How to participate

How to partecipate: Choose the period indicated in the section...
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Next departures

Next camps

For more information write to: campus@nph-italia.org  2019 WINTER ...
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Informative meetings, courses

IMPORTANT: to participate in the event is necessary sign up...
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What to bring with you at the camp

Helpful little tools that will help you...
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After these two weeks of Campus, I can say that I am certainly different than when I left Italy: full of love, memories, joy and with the certainty that what I did was really useful.
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Relieving fatigue and participating in the pain of others is the most difficult thing that can be done, but it is also the thing that allowed me to feel alive. A mix of strong emotions that overwhelm you every day, so much that when you return home you understand how each gesture, every action performed there, has a different and stronger value.
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It is an experience that I liked very much and I can't wait to do again
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Maura from Milan
“I’m back to my usual life and I’m still thinking about the last few weeks and all the unforgettable experiences I had the chance to live. I’ve learned that what you contribute to others’ lives fulfils your own, and I want to live my life spreading love. I thank Francesca Rava Foundation-NPH Italia Onlus because without you this wouldn’t be possible."
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- Maura from Milan

Gaia, 17 years old
"I recommend this experience to everyone as it has the power to completely change your life. It’s hard to explain the overwhelmingly beautiful feeling that children and staff at N.P.H. transmit. They teach you the value of life, they show you that little things are also essentials. They show the true meaning of the word LOVE, they give you their heart and soul. It is the best feeling ever."
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- Gaia, 17 years old

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